Orrstown United Brethren in Christ Church - Keeping our focus by carrying our cross and following Him



Orrstown United Brethren Mission Statement

Orrstown United Brethren Church exists to reach the people of our community and beyond with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to create a Church environment that is a friendly gathering place that people look forward to visiting each week to experience the grace and forgiveness of God. We strive to be a family of believers where hurting people can come and find healing for their souls. We want to be a place where God’s children love to come and learn about Him with a loving family of believers. We want people to be nurtured and discipled into faith in the one true God and His Son Jesus Christ. We want to build leaders in the faith in order to send them out into the mission field in win souls for Christ.



Church History

The Orrstown U.B. Church was organized and built as a wood structure in 1895 across the street from the Orrstown U.B. (Liberal) Church. All that remains today of the Liberal church is the cemetery. Our church was rebuilt as a larger brick structure in 1950. An addition was added in the 1990’s, including 2 classrooms, 2 handicap accessible restrooms and a nursery. 23 Pastors have served the congregation over 116 years. There has been 29 patorates (6 men served twice)


We are located at:

3689 Orrstown Rd, Orrstown, PA 17244

Phone Number: (717) 532-2242





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